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Citrix Cisco iNotes
 Merge Cardio (Vericis) Web-only is available in Citrix. MD Web-only click here  
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Instructions for adding Citrix to Windows 8.1 / Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility View    
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Application Downloads, Forms, and Documentation

Access Recertification Reviews Merge Cardio (Vericis) DICOM Diagnostic Quality Images Instructions University Health Care System Access Request Form
Downloads miSecure Messages Registration Form for Physicians University Health Care System Provider Access Request
Epic Add/Change Instructions MyChart Patient User Guide University Health Care System Provider Departure Notification Form
Epic Haiku and Canto Registration Form for Physicians Patient Education Resources  
Epic Training Tip Sheets Troubleshooting / FAQ  



  • Attention Dragon Medical Users: The current Dragon Medical Security Certificate expires on 09-27-2013. If you use Dragon Medical at your Practice, the new certificate will need to be installed on each computer that has the Software. Please click on the Downloads link, and download the "Dragon" file located in the Miscellaneous column. The certificate and installation instructions are enclosed.

  • Merge Cardio (Vericis) Web-only is available in Citrix.

  • Attention Merge Cardio (Vericis) Users! Merge Cardio (Vericis) DICOM Diagnostic Quality Images are REQUIRED for Merge Cardio (Vericis) Reporting.  Read the Merge Cardio (Vericis) DICOM Diagnostic Quality Images instructions under the Documentation section above.

  • The IS Helpdesk is available at (706) 774-5050 for assistance with remote access.

  • You will need to know your network password when logging in to Citrix. 

  • Please refer to the Troubleshooting/F.A.Q. link for additional detailed information.